Who was Kyrie’s favorite player?

How many threes can Curry make in a row?

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry has been lighting up the NBA this season, but perhaps his most impressive performance came during Tuesday's practice. According to ESPN.com, Curry made 77 consecutive three-pointers and hit 94 of his 100 attempts from downtown.

Can NBA players wear face mask?

NBA players wear masks to protect themselves from face or nose injuries and it allows them to play games while those injuries heal. Stray elbows are the most common injuries that require a player to wear a mask because of a broken nose, cheekbone, facial or orbital bones.

Why is Kyrie wearing a mask?

Irving, according to Rolling Stone, did not wear a mask. Sports Illustrated wrote that photographs on the school's Facebook page were photoshopped "in an attempt to make it seem that Irving and several students wore their masks." The latest NBA report suggests that 90 percent of players in the league are vaccinated.

Why do some NBA players wear T shirts?

Compression shirts are worn under a jersey because it has been shown to help absorb sweat, prevent injury, and can enhance a player's performance on the court. What is this? Furthermore, compression shirts have been shown to: Increase the level of oxygen delivered to the muscles.